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Looking at the 22nd amendment and cases in which long-term presidency lead to frauds and corruption, we conclude that presidency for more than 2 terms is a sign of greed for power which can lead to the US constitution being abused.

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The longer a person remains in a position of power the more likely that person is to show corruption signs and use manipulation and fraud to keep that power. Power to some people like Obama hurts the country in all ways. This country was based on values and we have lost that in the teachings of or rather the lack of teachings of American history in our schools. History repeats itself if not taught to those that do not know.

Supporting Evidence: Why Shouldn't presidents be limited to 2 terms (
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Argument #2-It is believed that people with too much power for too long become corrupt(1). One example that supports my claim is of president Paul Biya who is the longest serving leader in the world as a president or prime minister. His 42 years of service have been marked as fraud and human right abuses.He has been criticized as one of the world's worst dictators. His long term presidency lead to a lot of corruption and frauds. He forced on people to vote for him throughout the years to get majority of votes. (2)

Supporting Evidence: Long term presidency can lead to leaders like Paul Biya (
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The 22nd amendment prevents American people and the Constitution from being abused by a president for life. The term restriction for the presidency results in a safer nation overall.

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Running a nation is stressful, exhausting and even dangerous. No one who has served for two terms should want to return for a third. In fact, the desire for a third term is a signal of greed for power (1).

Supporting Evidence: Running a nation for long leads to problems (

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