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RSS Adam200

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Closing Statement: In conclusion making voting compulsory will violate amendments and therefore will be unconstitutional. This is why we believe that voting is a right and not a responsibility.

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I don't agree with this because at 16 and 17, teens are just getting access to the car, but they are still not trusted to do things like gamble, consume tobacco, and drink alcohol. So therefore should not have voting to be a responsibility.

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Therefore because of all these amendments agreeing with voting being a right, stating this against voting being a responsibility.

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Argument #1: The United States does not have the best voter turnout with 50 percent to 60 percent of the voting population casting their ballots in the presidential elections, the University of California, Santa Barbara reported.

Supporting Evidence: Pros and Cons for lowering voting age (
1 point

Literally everyone call its football and you actually use your foot. The teams are also called football clubs not soccer clubs ahahah.

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