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RSS Ben223

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Ben223(1) Clarified
1 point

It does not support corporal punishment and that is my argument

-1 points

Argument 2

Corporal punishments have led to ruptured eardrums, brain damage and other bodily harms and in some cases death. Continuously is has led to deep emotional trauma in children Whilst this is not a country specific phenomenon Fr Muwina has stated that children should be disciplined but in a way that does not involve hitting "Children need discipline but they need to learn self-discipline. There is need to encourage non-violent and non-humiliating ways of instilling discipline in them." - Fr Muwina

1 point

Opening statement

Corporal punishment should not be allowed in school because; it negatively effective academic success it produces bad habits for the child and then it causes the child to continue that behavior furthermore it has affected cognitive thinking and has led to severe punishments.

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