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RSS Daniel151

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Closing Statement: The Second Amendment still shouldn't be updated for it wouldn't change anything and would make defending yourself much more difficult. Guns give the citizens a sense of safety and protection compared to other ways. In the end, having guns is better than not

-1 points

London might take over New York in murder rates a gun from a country which has banned guns to USA

Supporting Evidence: Source (
1 point

It is not 65% of shooting and deaths are done by a firearm, 65% of murders are done by a fire arm.

1 point

Wikipedia still gets updated constantly just incase incidents like these ever happen and bans users for editing something to make it unreliable

0 points

Arguement 2 : There would be no change in access to guns by banning them from normal citizens and having only restricted to the army. It is the same with drugs, millions of people get access to them even though they are banned even 36.8 millions kids aged 12 and up had access to drugs and in 2004 there were only 12,116 arrests. What would stop an equal amount of people getting access to guns and committing a mass shooting. Also, wouldn’t the crime rate go up if there are tons of people getting in trouble for having a gun or doing something wrong with it.

Supporting Evidence: Source/Link (
-1 points

Of those 32,000 some of them are suicides which could be done in different ways from your source

1 point

Although we have access to much more dangerous weaponry the most common form of assault is a handgun not a machine gun which would only be used for mass shootings and handguns appear more often than other guns

Supporting Evidence: source (
1 point

The posted statement has been posted with no evidence provided to prove what you have said is true, so therefore it is currently false.

1 point

The posted statement has been posted with no evidence provided to prove what you have said is true, so therefore it is currently false.

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