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RSS EmmaSoph132

Reward Points:6
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1 point

If the people do like a candidate or do not think that they should be president, then they should not vote for a person. Also, the president doesn't have complete power over the government. The executive, legislative and judicial branches all have equal power.

Supporting Evidence: FDR wins 4th term (
1 point

Another example of leaders who were not dictators is Franklin D. Roosevelt. He served from March 4, 1933 to April 12, 1945, presiding during a war and the Great Depression without abusing his power.

Supporting Evidence: FDR wins 4th term (
0 points

Closing Statement: Presidents should be allowed to serve more than 2 terms in office to support the peoples democratic right due to the examples we have provided.

0 points

Your argument is based on the 26th amendment, but this debate is on the 22nd amendment. Citizens have the choice to vote and if they don't want to vote, they do not have to. However, if they do vote and they vote for the president for a 3 term, then you can see that they want the president for more than 2 terms because they like how they run the government.

Supporting Evidence: 22nd amendment (
0 points

Argument #2: Franklin D. Roosevelt got the US through many hardships and decisions to became one of the most known and influential presidents. He was elected for 4 terms because he was able to run the government through World War II and the Great Depression. If a president is able to serve more than 2 terms in office, they will be able to do more because they have more time to fully put laws and bills into act to help the people to their best ability.

Supporting Evidence: FDR wins 4th term (
-1 points

Your link didn't take me to your source. You have nothing currently backing up your argument.

2 points

In the US, they are called soccer teams rather than football clubs.

3 points

It has become part of the US culture to call the sport 'Soccer' rather than 'Football'. You would be changing an entires countries current way of thinking.

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