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RSS FatmataB24

Reward Points:6
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Wikipedia is not a credible source as users can go on and change what is said on the website. Therefore the information can be incorrect.

Supporting Evidence: Source: (
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Dispute: Even though protests can become very violent when they physically harm others for example if many people die. They will be charged for killing people but not specifically for speaking freely, as it violates the first amendment. There was a peaceful protest on May Day however a man threw a rock so he was arrested. He wasn't arrested for expressing his believes but he was arrested for harming people. In other words there are not only violent protest but there are some peaceful protests.

Supporting Evidence: Source:: (
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Clarification of #1: For example women's rights activists and activists in general.

FatmataB24(6) Clarified
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Clarification of #1: For example women's rights activists and activists in general.

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Argument#1: A Magazine editor, Rachael Jolley stated that: “Free speech has always been important throughout history because it has been used to fight for change. When we talk about rights today they wouldn’t have been achieved without free speech. For example in the past women weren't allowed to vote and had or terrible working conditions - free speech helped change these things” she said. Free speech is not only about your ability to speak but the ability to listen to others and allow other views to be heard. Jolley added: “We need to hear other people’s views as well as offering them your opinion. Therefore when people are allowed to freely talk about things change(s) can be made.

Supporting Evidence: Source: (
1 point

Opening statement: We believe that there should not be limits on freedom of speech for multiple reasons.

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