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RSS Joohyunglee

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This is because the teachers were too biased and punished the students too much. This is the teacher's fault, not corporal punishment itself. Therefore, there should be certain limits of punishment teachers can do.

1 point

I support this claim since it has multiple sources and actual incidents that happened. You also stated claims and evidences that are relevant to the topic.

1 point

Argument #2

The second argument we believe that corporal punishment should be allowed is because it solves disrespect and disobeying towards teachers and that it is more useful than suspensions and detentions. Nowadays, students show disrespect towards teachers because they aren’t scared of them. This is mainly because teachers nowadays only are allowed to scold or punish them by giving detentions and suspensions. However, students don’t change easily by verbal punishment according to These students can influence other students as well. Other students might feel negligible towards teachers and cause the same trouble again when they don't feel fear. Students who cause troubles normally cause troubles for multiple times and corporal punishment is the only way to these students will get their lessons taught. For example in Korea, people who were related to crimes were sent into prison for the same or similar crime they convicted before. This shows that people don't change unless they are strongly punished. This relates to students getting suspended and given detention but getting multiple detentions and not changing their attitudes. They won't change unless they are physically punished and feel fear.


0 points

Opening statement:

Corporal punishment should be allowed in schools since it is beneficial for various reasons. Corporal punishment allows teachers to treat disobeying and disrespecting students, cost effective, time effective and prevents future actions. We will explain why corporal punishment should be allowed in the followed arguments.

0 points

The reason it is called soccer is because Americans wanted to separate it from American football not by tradition.

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