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1 point

For this arguement, I agree with you because the criminal could be caught if only 4th amendment, which is that unreasonable searches of goverenment are not acceptable. It was made to protect citizen's privacy, but it is more important for people's safety to get rid of this amendment.

1 point

Closing statement: We should not give up our privacy for the safety of nation. People don't feel safe since their private information is being monitored. Therefore, even though it was made to protect the citizens, it only makes them to feel like their in danger. So how would it be helpful?

1 point

You said that our privacy privacy is controlled, but there is a research that proves that people feel like they are losing control of their own informtaion. A Pew Research Center survey in December found that 47% of people agreed on that anti-terror programs had gone too far in restricting civil liberties, while only 35% said that it is not far enough in protecting the country

Supporting Evidence: Americans feel the tensions between privacy and security concerns (
Soyeon(5) Clarified
1 point

Also, this source will prove that people's personal information is being monitored. 09/17/what-is-more-important-our-privacy-or-national-security/

2 points

Arguement 1: Own internet activities or phone calls being monitored has gone too much. Since the phone calls and internet activities are mostly containing private information, being watched by unknown people is the huge concerns of citizens. The personal information is opened for government agencies and corporations, therefore there is more possibility for the hackers to use people’s information for identity theft. Here is the source about how hackers use your information for identity theft.

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