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RSS Zofia369

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Some people have attempted to bomb places by hiding the explosives in their underwear. Does that mean we should now have mandatory crotch scanning before boarding planes? No, because it is an invasion of privacy. Please explain how that is different from people's private calls - sometimes touching on sensitive or private topics.

Zofia369(4) Clarified
1 point

My links aren't actually working, but I think that they will if I post them in the place where the argument is supposed to go. so here:

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Argument #2: Many sites are already collecting and violating our privacy, and although they say that it helps prevent terrorist attacks, they need to give the general public proof of that. If they don’t, it just becomes them violating our privacy for no reason. Besides, many warning signs are already overlooked.

Supporting Evidence: Evidence (
1 point

Although many people would be caught and punished for their crimes, many innocent people would also be monitored, and that alone is a little creepy. Many people can't take rejection or failure well, and will pin the blame on anyone other than them. If they were in control of any sort of government security, they could call you a "high-risk candidate" for terrorist attacks and have you jailed or put in a psyche ward.

Supporting Evidence: Evidence (
1 point

Opening statement #1:We shouldn't give up privacy for safety, mostly because we don't have to. Safety and privacy are not on a spectrum, they are on completely different scales. Instead of monitoring everything someone says, we can restrict certain materials more - like guns. You shouldn't be able to waltz down the street and buy an AK-47. Many guns should require special training to buy, and some should only be able to be used at gun ranges.

Supporting Evidence: Evidence (
3 points

Although it is now widely known as Football, many people argue that only the original English words should be used. If you support that, it means that you think color should be colour and things similar to that, and I will gladly agree with that if it will stop someone from spazming on their keyboards and calling it a coherent argument.Speaking of which, are you alright?

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