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RSS Ahmedsohail

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1 point

The right to bear arms isn't only fire arms it is other weapons as well. How do you think terrorists and American citizens can get access on them it might be illegal but you can still access it just like drugs.

1 point

Closing Statement: This is why the this amendment should be changed and deeply looked into. The deaths of innocent people due to firearms should not be allowed and banned in the US. The right to bear arms should be for self defense and not to kill a person or go and wipe out an innocent school for no reason. it should be changed

-1 points

Yes and this is exactly the reason why it should be changed. If people can have access to bombs which is 10 times worse just to say"self defense" this is nonsense. School shooting are not done due to self defense. This is exactly why it should be changed.

1 point

What you are saying is that 12,116 have been arrested, This is not a small amount and as crime rate has gone up in every month of the year 2018 there has been tens of school shooting severely injuring people or even causing them to die. This is due to any person of nearly any age having access on any weapon of their choice. There have been over 22 school shootings over the past 5 months.

Supporting Evidence: ( (
-1 points

As you said 65% of shootings and deaths are done by firearms. this proves that the second ammendment should be changed. Americans can have the right to bear arms but that does not mean that a 13 year old ca n have access on an assault rifle. It should be changed severely meaning deeper background checks.

Supporting Evidence: ( (
-1 points

Wikipedia is not a reliable source due to anyone having the ability to edit it.

-1 points

Mass shootings and school shootings are one of the biggest reasons why we should change the amendment. If a 13 year old kid could have access on an assault rifle. this is nonsense. In fact In the year of 2015 there were 372 mass shootings, and 64 school school shootings over 400 people were killed and about 1900 people were severely wounded due to shootings in the USA.

0 points

The rate of assault and kidnapping may have reduced. But that does not mean that citizens are not dying. In fact in the period of 1979-1997 over 651,500 Americans were killed due to gun violence. While from the period 1990-2015 over 800,000 people have been killed. This proves that due to the evolvement of weapons the amendment has become extremely overpowered and any citizen can have access on some of the most dangerous guns in the world.

Supporting Evidence: Data (
-1 points

Argument 1: The amendment to bear arms was signed in 1791. But bearing arms back then had a completely different meaning to what it is today. Back then you could only be allowed to have a musket or a knife or a bat. A musket is a shotgun that takes a really long time to reload and you could roughly shoot about 3 bullets every minute.Now people have access to assault rifles, machine guns, g18c and many other ones which is way it should be more restricted. The amendment had been severely overpowered and one shot from one of those weapon is most likely an instead death.These guns are the reason why citizens of the us are suffering, back then it was not a problem now it is a massive one.

Supporting Evidence: (
1 point

acctually my father is more than inuf for evidence he is older and more experienced

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