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RSS JordiS

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Support: Freedom of Speech also encourages bullying because bullies are aloud to call other people whatever they want. Approximately 34% of the students report experiencing cyberbullying during their lifetime and 15% of students admitted to cyberbullying others during their lifetime (Patchin, 2015). Suicide is the 2nd highest cause of death in the United States.

Due to cyberbullying, at least 100 young people attempt suicide, and 14 percent of high school students consider suicide, and 7 percent have attempted it. The younger they are the more likely they will attempt suicide.

Supporting Evidence: Cyberbullying Effects (
1 point

Closing Statement: In the end, Freedom of Speech will always have its issues. Adding limits to try and prevent further conflicts would still reduce the amount problems it has.

1 point

Humans aren't perfect. They will make mistakes. If some people follow their own paths it will lead them to madness. For example, the KKK openly displayed their hatred towards most African-Americans by burning their houses and later hanging them on the trees while burning the Christian Cross.

Supporting Evidence: KKK Facts (
1 point

Even though I fully agree that peaceful protests can be used to fight for change, protests can be very violent. When protests become violent, they become riots. Riots can injure and even kill people. In 1992, during the Los Angeles riots 63 people were killed, 2,383 people were injured, and more than 12,000 were arrested.

Supporting Evidence: 1992 LA Riots (
1 point

Argument 1: According to Human Rights experts in, Freedom of Speech can be very harmful to everyone. This can be observed when an individual shouts ‘fire’ in a building full of people. This can be damaging as it can cause a stampede that could put the lives of people at risk just because a person exercised his right. Another instance is when extremists groups will utilise this without having to consider how incredibly hurtful, slanderous or mean-spirited they have become. Adding to that, racism plays a big part in how Freedom of Speech hurts people. According to the UN, a woman named Creuza Olivera, a domestic worker in Brazil was racially abused because of her skin colour. She was working in a 'white neighbourhood' and she quoted, "I was constantly being called a monkey or a slave"

1 point

Opening Statement: Freedom of Speech has been violated too many times which is why there should be limits on Freedom of Speech.

1 point

According to, all the English speaking countries originally called it soccer but all the other countries have named the sport in a literal translation of football.

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