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I support this argument because it makes a lot of sense as it gives evidence on how corporal punishment makes students better people and it shows how detention and suspension do not have a good effect on students.

1 point

Closing Statement:

As you can see, these arguments show that corporal punishments should be allowed in school as it is cost effective, time effective and it can discipline students to do the right thing.

1 point

This dispute has nothing to do with Argument 1 as it is talking about psychological development problems when Argument 1 is really talking about how corporal punishment in schools are cost effective and time effective.

2 points

There is no source to support the evidence of the experiment conducted on female secondary students in Jeddah that you stated in your argument.

0 points


Corporal punishment is often chosen instead of detention or suspension.

Allison Collins, a high school senior at Robbinsville High School in North Carolina, stated she chose corporal punishment over in-school suspension when her phone rang in class. Her principal, David Matheson, stated, "Most kids will tell you that they choose the paddling so they don't miss class."

This manages time much more effectively as students do not have to waste time in detention because time is valuable in kid's lives. Corporal punishment is also cost effective and it is something everyone can afford unlike taking their child/ student to a therapist which may cost a lot of money.

One 18-year-old student who was critical of the use of corporal punishment in his rural school district stated that 'we couldn't have after-school detention. There was no busing. Kids who got detention would have to find another way home.' "

This wasted time and money as the students might not have had any money on them to call a taxi or an uber.

Supporting Evidence: Corporal Punishment in U.S. Schools (
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