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RSS Shihyung04

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However guns are also as easy to get compared to cigarettes. As an example a 12-13 year old kid asked a store for alcohol, cigarettes, and scratch offs. The store said no to everything. But, he was able to get a gun within several minutes. Therefore this evidence also supports the fact that guns are also easy to get.

Supporting Evidence: Source (
1 point

Supporting Ahmed's argument, Gun control is needed to make students study in a safe environment. Kids in the US are frightened due to the threat of guns. Gun control is needed to keep the kids and the teachers safe. Many kids and teachers in the United States of America are frightened due to the threat of school shootings. Every kids needs the opportunity to get the best quality of education.

Supporting Evidence: Source (
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By banning firearms, school shootings will decline because children and teens do not have the ability to control themselves as much as adults. That is the reason why cigarettes, alcohol, lottery tickets are banned for kids. However even adults can’t control themselves with guns, kids are allowed guns. That is extremely dangerous because kids do have less self control. A lot of school shootings are done by students and banning guns will help decline school shootings.

Supporting Evidence: Source (
-1 points

Argument #2: The murder rate due to gun violence in the US is 15 times higher than 1st world countries. This means that the murder rates in the US due to guns are higher than any countries in the world. For example 29.7 people are killed by guns in every 100,000 people. However, the second highest country with gun rates only has 7.7 people killed in every 100,000 people. To decline these murder rates, we can take a look at Australia's and the UK's example. Australia and The UK have experienced gun massacres and made stricter gun laws. Their murder rate have declined. US can use that to decline murder rates. For example Australia. After a huge gun massacre the government has changed the law. As a result the murder rate in Australia has declined by a lot.

Supporting Evidence: Source (
1 point

About 32,000 americans die every year because of guns. About 87 people dies everyday due to guns in the US. The rates of death is the highest in all of the countries in the world. The argument was that murder rates have declined. However, 87 people still dies everyday. If the United States of America bans guns, crime and murder rates will significantly decline.

Supporting Evidence: Link (
0 points

Opening Statement: The second amendment should be changed. It’s dangers are harmful towards thousands of families in the United States of America. By changing the amendment, thousands of lives will be saved.

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