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We are only talking about the twenty-sixth amendment needing to be changed, but still four other amendments say that voting is a right.

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The first amendment states that everybody has a freedom of choice, but by forcing people to vote they would be violating this amendment which is unconstitutional.

Supporting Evidence: Pros and Cons of Compulsory Voting (
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Argument #2: In the fourteenth, fifteenth, nineteenth, twenty-fourth, and twenty-sixth amendments, it states that voting is a right and not a responsibility.

Supporting Evidence: Right to Vote (
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Currently, American citizens have the right to vote and still around 60% of the population still votes.

Supporting Evidence: Amount of Population that Votes (
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Forcing people to vote may lead to inaccurate elections as people may vote on random candidates just to avoid a penalty for not voting.

Supporting Evidence: Compulsory Voting - For and Against (
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Opening Statement: As an American citizen you have the right to vote, but it is not your responsibility

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All but around 15 countries around the world call it football, so by changing the word to soccer many, more people would be having to change the way they say the sport.

Supporting Evidence: Map of Who Calls it Soccer or Football (

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